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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 6
Chapter 6

In this chapter, as before, we have, I. A prophecy of the invading of the land of Judah and the besieging of Jerusalem by the Chaldean army (Jer. 6:1-6), with the spoils they should make of the country (Jer. 6:9) and the terror which all should be seized with on that occasion, Jer. 6:22-26. II. An account of those sins of Judah and Jerusalem which provoked God to bring this desolating judgment upon them. Their oppression (Jer. 6:7), their contempt of the word of God (Jer. 6:10-12), their worldliness (Jer. 6:13), the treachery of their prophets (Jer. 6:14), their impudence in sin (Jer. 6:15), their obstinacy against reproofs (Jer. 6:18, 19), which made their sacrifices unacceptable to him (Jer. 6:20), and for which he gave them up to ruin (Jer. 6:21), but tried them first (Jer. 6:27) and then rejected them as irreclaimable, Jer. 6:28-30. III. Good counsel given them in the midst of all this, but in vain, Jer. 6:8, 16, 17.