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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 5
Chapter 5

Reproof for sin and threatenings of judgment are intermixed in this chapter, and are set the one over against the other: judgments are threatened, that the reproofs of sin might be the more effectual to bring them to repentance; sin is discovered, that God might be justified in the judgments threatened. I. The sins they are charged with are very great:—Injustice (Jer. 5:1), hypocrisy in religion (Jer. 5:2), incorrigibleness (Jer. 5:3), the corruption and debauchery of both poor and rich (Jer. 5:4, 5), idolatry and adultery (Jer. 5:7, 8), treacherous departures from God (Jer. 5:11), and impudent defiance of him (Jer. 5:12, 13), and, that which is at the bottom of all this, want of the fear of God, notwithstanding the frequent calls given them to fear him, Jer. 5:20-24. In the close of the chapter they are charged with violence and oppression (Jer. 5:26-28), and a combination of those to debauch the nation who should have been active to reform it, Jer. 5:30, 31. II. The judgments they are threatened with are very terrible. In general, they shall be reckoned with, Jer. 5:9, 29. A foreign enemy shall be brought in upon them (Jer. 5:15-17), shall set guards upon them (Jer. 5:6), shall destroy their fortification (Jer. 5:10), shall carry them away into captivity (Jer. 5:19), and keep all good things from them, Jer. 5:25. Herein the words of God’s prophets shall be fulfilled, Jer. 5:14. But, III. Here is an intimation twice given that God would in the midst of wrath remember mercy, and not utterly destroy them, Jer. 5:10, 18. This was the scope and purport of Jeremiah’s preaching in the latter end of Josiah’s reign and the beginning of Jehoiakim’s; but the success of it did not answer expectation.