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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 38
Chapter 38

In this chapter, just as in the former, we have Jeremiah greatly debased under the frowns of the princes, and yet greatly honoured by the favour of the king. They used him as a criminal; he used him as a privy-counsellor. Here, I. Jeremiah for his faithfulness is put into the dungeon by the princes, Jer. 38:1-6. II. At the intercession of Ebed-melech the Ethiopian, by special order from the king, he is taken up out of the dungeon and confined only to the court of the prison, Jer. 38:7-13. III. He has a private conference with the king upon the present conjuncture of affairs, Jer. 38:14-22. IV. Care is taken to keep that conference private, Jer. 38:24-28.