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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 37
Chapter 37

This chapter brings us very near the destruction of Jerusalem by the Chaldeans, for the story of it lies in the latter end of Zedekiah’s reign; we have in it, I. A general idea of the bad character of that reign, Jer. 37:1, 2. II. The message which Zedekiah, notwithstanding, sent to Jeremiah to desire his prayers, Jer. 37:3. III. The flattering hopes which the people had conceived, that the Chaldeans would quit the siege of Jerusalem, Jer. 37:5. IV. The assurance God gave them by Jeremiah (who was now at liberty, Jer. 37:4) that the Chaldean army should renew the siege and take the city, Jer. 37:6-10. V. The imprisonment of Jeremiah, under pretence that he was a deserter, Jer. 37:11-15. VI. The kindness which Zedekiah showed him when he was a prisoner, Jer. 37:16-21.