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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 36
Chapter 36

Here is another expedient tried to work upon this heedless and untoward people, but it is tried in vain. A roll of a book is provided, containing an abstract or abridgment of all the sermons that Jeremiah had preached to them, that they might be put in mind of what they had heard and might the better understand it, when they had it all before them at one view. Now here we have, I. The writing of this roll by Baruch, as Jeremiah dictated it, Jer. 36:1-4. II. The reading of the roll by Baruch to all the people publicly on a fast-day (Jer. 36:5-10), afterwards by Baruch to the princes privately (Jer. 36:11-19), and lastly by Jehudi to the king, Jer. 36:20, 21. III. The burning of the roll by the king, with orders to prosecute Jeremiah and Baruch, Jer. 36:22-26. IV. The writing of another roll, with large additions, particularly of Jehoiakim’s doom for burning the former, Jer. 36:27-32.