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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 31
Chapter 31

This chapter goes on with the good words and comfortable words which we had in the chapter before, for the encouragement of the captives, assuring them that God would in due time restore them or their children to their own land, and make them a great and happy nation again, especially by sending them the Messiah, in whose kingdom and grace many of these promises were to have their full accomplishment. I. They shall be restored to peace and honour, and joy and great plenty, Jer. 31:1-14. II. Their sorrow for the loss of their children shall be at an end, Jer. 31:15-17. III. They shall repent of their sins, and God will graciously accept them in their repentance, Jer. 31:18-20. IV. They shall be multiplied and increased, both their children and their cattle, and not be cut off and diminished as they had been, Jer. 31:21-30. V. God will renew his covenant with them, and enrich it with spiritual blessings, Jer. 31:31-34. VI. These blessings shall be secured to theirs after them, even to the spiritual seed of Israel for ever, Jer. 31:35-37. VII. As an earnest of this the city of Jerusalem shall be rebuilt, Jer. 31:38-40. These exceedingly great and precious promises were firm foundations of hope and full fountains of joy to the poor captives; and we also may apply them to ourselves and mix faith with them.