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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 28
Chapter 28

In the foregoing chapter Jeremiah had charged those prophets with lies who foretold the speedy breaking of the yoke of the king of Babylon and the speedy return of the vessels of the sanctuary; how here we have his contest with a particular prophet upon those heads. I. Hananiah, a pretender to prophecy, in contradiction to Jeremiah, foretold the sinking of Nebuchadnezzar’s power and the return both of the persons and of the vessels that were carried away (Jer. 28:1-4), and, as a sing of this, he broke the yoke from the neck of Jeremiah, Jer. 28:10, 11. II. Jeremiah wished his words might prove true, but appealed to the event whether they were so or no, not doubting but that would disprove them, Jer. 28:5-9. III. The doom both of the deceived and the deceiver is here read. The people that were deceived should have their yoke of wood turned into a yoke of iron (Jer. 28:12-14), and the prophet that was the deceiver should be shortly cut off by death, and he was so, accordingly, within two months, Jer. 28:15-17.