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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 20
Chapter 20

Such plain dealing as Jeremiah used in the foregoing chapter, one might easily foresee, if it did not convince and humble men, would provoke and exasperate them; and so it did; for here we find, I. Jeremiah persecuted by Pashur for preaching that sermon, Jer. 20:1, 2. II. Pashur threatened for so doing, and the word which Jeremiah had preached confirmed, Jer. 20:3-6. III. Jeremiah complaining to God concerning it, and the other instances of hard measure that he had since he began to be a prophet, and the grievous temptations he had struggled with (Jer. 20:7-10), encouraging himself in God, lodging his appeal with him, not doubting but that he shall yet praise him, by which it appears that he had much grace (Jer. 20:11-13) and yet peevishly cursing the day of his birth (Jer. 20:14-18), by which it appears that he had sad remainders of corruption in him too, and was a man subject to like passions as we are.