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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 14
Chapter 14

This chapter was penned upon occasion of a great drought, for want of rain. This judgment began in the latter end of Josiah’s reign, but, as it should seem, continued in the beginning of Jehoiakim’s: for less judgments are sent to give warning of greater coming, if not prevented by repentance. This calamity was mentioned several times before, but here, in this chapter, more fully. Here is, I. A melancholy description of it, Jer. 14:1-6. II. A prayer to God to put an end to this calamity and to return in mercy to their land, Jer. 14:7-9. III. A severe threatening that God would proceed in his controversy, because they proceeded in their iniquity, Jer. 14:10-12. IV. The prophet’s excusing the people, by laying the blame on their false prophets; and the doom passed both on the deceivers and the deceived, Jer. 14:13-16. V. Directions given to the prophet, instead of interceding for them, to lament them; but his continuing notwithstanding to intercede for them, Jer. 14:17-22.