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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 63
Chapter 63

In this chapter we have, I. God coming towards his people in ways of mercy and deliverance, and this is to be joined to the close of the foregoing chapter, where it was said to Zion, “Behold, thy salvation comes;” for here it is shown how it comes, Isa. 63:1-6. II. God’s people meeting him with their devotions, and addressing themselves to him with suitable affections; and this part of the chapter is carried on to the close of the next. In this we have, 1. A thankful acknowledgment of the great favours God had bestowed upon them, Isa. 63:7. 2. The magnifying of these favours, from the consideration of God’s relation to them (Isa. 63:8), his compassionate concern for them (Isa. 63:9), their unworthiness (Isa. 63:10), and the occasion which it gave both him and them to call to mind former mercies, Isa. 63:11-14. 3. A very humble and earnest prayer to God to appear for them in their present distress, pleading God’s mercy (Isa. 63:15), their relation to him (Isa. 63:16), their desire towards him (Isa. 63:17), and the insolence of their enemies, Isa. 63:18, 19. So that, upon the whole, we learn to embrace God’s promises with an active faith, and then to improve them, and make use of them, both in prayers and praises.