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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 47
Chapter 47

Infinite Wisdom could have ordered things so that Israel might have been released and yet Babylon unhurt; but if they will harden their hearts, and will not let the people go, they must thank themselves that their ruin is made to pave the way to Israel’s release. That ruin is here, in this chapter, largely foretold, not to gratify a spirit of revenge in the people of God, who had been used barbarously by them, but to encourage their faith and hope concerning their own deliverance, and to be a type of the downfall of that great enemy of the New-Testament church which, in the Revelation, goes under the name of “Babylon.” In this chapter we have, I. The greatness of the ruin threatened, that Babylon should be brought down to the dust, and made completely miserable, should fall from the height of prosperity into the depth of adversity, Isa. 47:1-5. II. The sins that provoked God to bring this ruin upon them. 1. Their cruelty to the people of God, Isa. 47:6. 2. Their pride and carnal security, Isa. 47:7-9. 3. Their confidence in themselves and contempt of God, Isa. 47:10. 4. Their use of magic arts and their dependence upon enchantments and sorceries, which should be so far from standing them in any stead that they should but hasten their ruin, Isa. 47:11-15.