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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 46
Chapter 46

God, by the prophet here, designing shortly to deliver them out of their captivity, prepared them for that deliverance by possessing them with a detestation of idols and with a believing confidence in God, even their own God. I. Let them not be afraid of the idols of Babylon, as if they could in any way obstruct their deliverance, for they should be defaced (Isa. 46:1, 2); but let them trust in that God who had often delivered them to do it still, to do it now, Isa. 46:3, 4. II. Let them not think to make idols of their own, images of the God of Israel, by them to worship him, as the Babylonians worship their gods, Isa. 46:5-7. Let them not be so sottish (Isa. 46:8), but have an eye to God in his word, not in an image; let them depend upon that, and upon the promises and predictions of it, and God’s power to accomplish them all, Isa. 46:9-11. And let them know that the unbelief of man shall not make the word of God of no effect, Isa. 46:12, 13.