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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 33
Chapter 33

This chapter relates to the same events as the foregoing chapter, the distress of Judah and Jerusalem by Sennacherib’s invasion and their deliverance out of that distress by the destruction of the Assyrian army. These are intermixed in the prophecy, in the way of a Pindaric. Observe, I. The great distress that Judah and Jerusalem should then be brought into, Isa. 33:7-9. II. The particular frights which the sinners in Zion should then be in, Isa. 33:13, 14. III. The prayers of good people to God in this distress, Isa. 33:2. IV. The holy security which they should enjoy in the midst of this trouble, Isa. 33:15, 16. V. The destruction of the army of the Assyrians (Isa. 33:1-3), in which God would be greatly glorified, Isa. 33:5; 10-12. VI. The enriching of the Jews with the spoil of the Assyrian camp, Isa. 33:4, 23, 24. VII. The happy settlement of Jerusalem, and the Jewish state, upon this. Religion shall be uppermost (Isa. 33:6), and their civil state shall flourish, Isa. 33:17-22. This was soon fulfilled, but is written for our learning.