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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 21
Chapter 21

In this chapter we have a prophecy of sad times coming, and heavy burdens, I. Upon Babylon, here called “the desert of the sea,” that it should be destroyed by the Medes and Persians with a terrible destruction, which yet God’s people should have advantage by, Isa. 21:1-10. II. Upon Dumah, or Idumea, Isa. 21:11, 12. III. Upon Arabia, or Kedar, the desolation of which country was very near, Isa. 21:13-17. These and other nations which the princes and people of Israel had so much to do with the prophets of Israel could not but have something to say to. Foreign affairs must be taken notice of as well as domestic ones, and news from abroad enquired after as well as news at home.