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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 14
Chapter 14

In this chapter, I. More weight is added to the burden of Babylon, enough to sink it like a mill-stone; I. It is Israel’s cause that is to be pleaded in this quarrel with Babylon, Isa. 14:1-3. 2. The king of Babylon, for the time being, shall be remarkably brought down and triumphed over, Isa. 14:4-20. 3. The whole race of the Babylonians shall be cut off and extirpated, Isa. 14:21-23. II. A confirmation of the prophecy of the destruction of Babylon, which was a thing at a distance, is here given in the prophecy of the destruction of the Assyrian army that invaded the land, which happened not long after, Isa. 14:24-27. III. The success of Hezekiah against the Philistines is here foretold, and the advantages which his people would gain thereby, Isa. 14:28-32.