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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 7
Chapter 7

In this chapter we have, I. A general charge drawn up against Israel for those high crimes and misdemeanors by which they had obstructed the course of God’s favours to them, Hos. 7:1, 2. II. A particular accusation, 1. Of the court—the king, princes, and judges, Hos. 7:3-7. 2. Of the country. Ephraim is here charged with conforming to the nations (Hos. 7:8), senselessness and stupidity under the judgments of God (Hos. 7:9-11), ingratitude to God for his mercies (Hos. 7:13), incorrigibleness under his judgments (Hos. 7:14), contempt of God (Hos. 7:15), and hypocrisy in their pretences to return to him, Hos. 7:16. They are also threatened with a severe chastisement, which shall humble them (Hos. 7:12), and, if that prevail not, then with an utter destruction (Hos. 7:13), particularly their princes, Hos. 7:16.