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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 10
Chapter 10

In this chapter we have that grievance redressed which was complained of and lamented in the foregoing chapter. Observe, I. How the people’s hearts were prepared for the redress of it by their deep humiliation for the sin, Ezra 10:1. II. How it was proposed to Ezra by Shechaniah, Ezra 10:2-4. III. How the proposal was put in execution. 1. The great men were sworn to stand to it, Ezra 10:5. 2. Ezra appeared first in it, Ezra 10:6. 3. A general assembly was called, Ezra 10:7-9. 4. They all, in compliance with Ezra’s exhortation, agreed to the reformation, Ezra 10:10-14. 5. Commissioners were appointed to sit “de die in diem”—day after day, to enquire who had married strange wives and to oblige them to put them away, which was done accordingly (Ezra 10:15-17), and a list of the names of those that were found guilty given in, Ezra 10:18-44.