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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 48
Chapter 48

In this chapter we have particular directions given for the distribution of the land, of which we had the metes and bounds assigned in the foregoing chapter. I. The portions of the twelve tribes, seven to the north of the sanctuary (Ezek. 48:1-7) and five to the south, Ezek. 48:23-29. II. The allotment of land for the sanctuary, and the priests (Ezek. 48:8-11), for the Levites (Ezek. 48:12-14), for the city (Ezek. 48:15-20), and for the prince, Ezek. 48:21, 22. Much of this we had before, Ezek. 45:1-25 III. A plan of the city, its gates, and the new name given to it (Ezek. 48:30-35), which seals up, and concludes, the vision and prophecy of this book.