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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 45
Chapter 45

In this chapter is further represented to the prophet, in vision, I. The division of the holy land, so much for the temple, and the priests that attended the service of it (Ezek. 45:1-4), so much for the Levites (Ezek. 45:5), so much for the city (Ezek. 45:6), so much for the prince, and the residue to the people, Ezek. 45:7, 8. II. The ordinances of justice that were given both to prince and people, Ezek. 45:9-12. III. The oblations they were to offer, and the prince’s part in those oblations, Ezek. 45:13-17. Particularly in the beginning of the year (Ezek. 45:18-20) and in the passover, and the feast of tabernacles, Ezek. 45:21-25. And all this seems to point at the new church-state that should be set up under the gospel, which, both for extent and for purity, should far exceed that of the Old Testament.