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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 40
Chapter 40

In this chapter we have, I. A general account of this vision of the temple and city, Ezek. 40:1-4. II. A particular account of it entered upon; and a description given, 1. Of the outside wall, Ezek. 40:5. 2. Of the east gate, Ezek. 40:6-19. 3. Of the north gate, Ezek. 40:20-23. 4. Of the south gate (Ezek. 40:24-31) and the chambers and other appurtenances belonging to these gates. 5. Of the inner court, both towards the east and towards the south, Ezek. 40:32-38. 6. Of the tables, Ezek. 40:39-43. 7. Of the lodgings for the singers and the priests, Ezek. 40:44-47. 8. Of the porch of the house, Ezek. 40:48, 49.