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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 23
Chapter 23

This long chapter (as before Ezek. 16:1-62; 20:1-44) is a history of the apostasies of God’s people from him and the aggravations of those apostasies under the similitude of corporal whoredom and adultery. Here the kingdoms of Israel and Judah, the ten tribes and the two, with their capital cities, Samaria and Jerusalem, are considered distinctly. Here is, I. The apostasy of Israel and Samaria from God (Ezek. 23:1-8) and their ruin for it, Ezek. 23:9, 10. II. The apostasy of Judah and Jerusalem from God (Ezek. 23:11-21) and sentence passed upon them, that they shall in like manner be destroyed for it, Ezek. 23:22-35. III. The joint wickedness of them both together (Ezek. 23:36-44) and the joint ruin of them both, Ezek. 23:45-49. And all that is written for warning against the sins of idolatry, and confidence in an arm of flesh, and sinful leagues and confederacies with wicked people (which are the sins here meant by committing whoredom), is that others may hear and fear, and not sin after the similitude of the transgressions of Israel and Judah.