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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 21
Chapter 21

In this chapter we have, I. An explication of the prophecy in the close of the foregoing chapter concerning the fire in the forest, which the people complained they could not understand (Ezek. 21:1-5), with directions to the prophet to show himself deeply affected with it, Ezek. 21:6, 7. II. A further prediction of the sword that was coming upon the land, by which all should be laid waste; and this expressed very emphatically, Ezek. 21:8-17. III. A prospect given of the king of Babylon’s approach to Jerusalem, to which he was determined by divination, Ezek. 21:18-24. IV. Sentence passed upon Zedekiah king of Judah, Ezek. 21:25-27. V. The destruction of the Ammonites by the sword foretold, Ezek. 21:28-32. Thus is this chapter all threatenings.