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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 5
Chapter 5

Moses and Aaron are here dealing with Pharaoh, to get leave of him to go and worship in the wilderness. I. They demand leave in the name of God (Exod. 5:1), and he answers their demand with a defiance of God, Exod. 5:2. II. They beg leave in the name of Israel (Exod. 5:3), and he answers their request with further orders to oppress Israel, Exod. 5:4-9. These cruel orders were, 1. Executed by the task-masters, Exod. 5:10-14. 2. Complained of to Pharaoh, but in vain, Exod. 5:15-19. 3. Complained of by the people to Moses Exod. 5:20, 21), and by him to God, Exod. 5:22, 23.