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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 22
Chapter 22

The laws of this chapter relate, I. To the eighth commandment, concerning theft (Exod. 22:1-4), trespass by cattle (Exod. 22:5), damage by fire (Exod. 22:6), trusts (Exod. 22:7-13), borrowing cattle (Exod. 22:14, 15), or money, Exod. 22:25. II. To the seventh commandment. Against fornication (Exod. 22:16, 17), bestiality, Exod. 22:19. III. To the first table, forbidding witchcraft (Exod. 22:18), idolatry, Exod. 22:20. Commanding to offer the firstfruits, Exod. 22:29, 30. IV. To the poor, Exod. 22:21-24. V. To the civil government, Exod. 22:28. VI. To the peculiarity of the Jewish nation, Exod. 22:31.