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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 9
Chapter 9

Solomon, in this chapter, for a further proof of the vanity of this world, gives us four observations which he had made upon a survey of the state of the children of men in it:—I. He observed that commonly as to outward things, good and bad men fare much alike, Eccl. 9:1-3. II. That death puts a final period to all our employments and enjoyments in this world (Eccl. 9:4-6), whence he infers that it is our wisdom to enjoy the comforts of life and mind the business of life, while it lasts, Eccl. 9:7-10. III. That God’s providence often crosses the fairest and most hopeful probabilities of men’s endeavour, and great calamities often surprise men ere they are aware, Eccl. 9:11, 12. IV. That wisdom often makes men very useful, and yet gains them little respect, for that persons of great merit are slighted, Eccl. 9:13-18. And what is there then in this world that should make us fond of it?