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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 7
Chapter 7

Solomon had given many proofs and instances of the vanity of this world and the things of it; now, in this chapter, I. He recommends to us some good means proper to be used for the redress of these grievances and the arming of ourselves against the mischief we are in danger of from them, that we may make the best of the bad, as 1. Care of our reputation, Eccl. 7:1. 2. Seriousness, Eccl. 7:2-6. 3. Calmness of spirit, Eccl. 7:7-10. 4. Prudence in the management of all our affairs, Eccl. 7:11, 12. 5. Submission to the will of God in all events, accommodating ourselves to every condition, Eccl. 7:13-15. 6. A conscientious avoiding of all dangerous extremes, Eccl. 7:16-18. 7. Mildness and tenderness towards those that have been injurious to us, Eccl. 7:19-22. In short, the best way to save ourselves from the vexation which the vanity of the world creates us is to keep our temper and to maintain a strict government of our passions. II. He laments his own iniquity, as that which was more vexatious than any of these vanities, that mystery of iniquity, the having of many wives, by which he was drawn away from God and his duty, Eccl. 7:23-29.