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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Verses 1–3
Verses 1–3

Observe here, 1. That Moses taught the people all that, and that only, which God commanded him to teach them, Deut. 6:1. Thus Christ’s ministers are to teach his churches all that he has commanded, and neither more nor less, Matt. 28:20. 2. That the end of their being taught was that they might do as they were taught (Deut. 6:1), might keep God’s statutes (Deut. 6:2), and observe to do them, Deut. 6:3. Good instructions from parents and ministers will but aggravate our condemnation if we do not live up to them. 3. That Moses carefully endeavoured to fix them for God and godliness, now that they were entering upon the land of Canaan, that they might be prepared for the comforts of that land, and fortified against the snares of it, and now that they were setting out in the world might set out well. 4. That the fear of God in the heart will be the most powerful principle of obedience: That thou mightest fear the Lord thy God, to keep all his statutes, Deut. 6:2. 5. The entail of religion in a family, or country, is the best entail: it is highly desirable that not we only, but our children, and our children’s children, may fear the Lord. 6. Religion and righteousness advance and secure the prosperity of any people. Fear God, and it shall be well with thee. Those that are well taught, if they do what they are taught, shall be well fed too, as Israel in the land flowing with milk and honey, Deut. 6:3.