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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 25
Chapter 25

Some think that Felix was turned out, and Festus succeeded him, quickly after Paul’s imprisonment, and that the two years mentioned in the close of the foregoing chapter are to be reckoned from the beginning of Nero’s reign; but it seems more natural to compute them from Paul’s being delivered into the hands of Felix. However, we have here much the same management of Paul’s case as we had in the foregoing chapter; cognizance is here taken of it, I. By Festus the governor; it is brought before him by the Jews, Acts 25:1-3. The hearing of it is appointed to be, not at Jerusalem, as the Jews desired, out at Caesarea, Acts 25:4-6. The Jews appear against Paul and accuse him (Acts 25:7), but he stands upon his own innocency (Acts 25:8); and to avoid the removing of the cause to Jerusalem, to which he was pressed to consent, he at length appeals to Caesar, Acts 25:9-12. II. By king Agrippa, to whom Festus relates his case (Acts 25:13-21), and Agrippa desires he might have the hearing of it himself, Acts 25:22. The court is accordingly set, and Paul brought to the bar (Acts 25:23), and Festus opens the cause (Acts 25:24-27), to introduce Paul’s defence in the next chapter.