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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 11
Chapter 11

In this chapter we have, I. Peter’s necessary vindication of what he did in receiving Cornelius and his friends into the church, from the censure he lay under for it among the brethren, and their acquiescence in it, Acts 11:1-18. II. The good success of the gospel at Antioch, and the parts adjacent, Acts 11:19-21. III. The carrying on of the good work that was begun at Antioch, by the ministry of Barnabas first, and afterwards of Paul in conjunction with him, and the lasting name of Christian first given to the disciples there, Acts 11:22-26. IV. A prediction of an approaching famine, and the contribution that was made among the Gentile converts for the relief of the poor saints in Judea, upon that occasion, Acts 11:27-30.