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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 4
Chapter 4

In this chapter, I. Paul with great solemnity and earnestness presses Timothy to the diligent and conscientious discharge of his work and office as an evangelist; and the charge given to him all gospel ministers are to take to themselves, 2Ti. 4:1-5. II. The reason of his concern in this case, Why must Timothy now be instant in season, etc., in a particular manner? Because the church was likely to be deprived of the apostle’s labours, for his departure was at hand, 2Ti. 4:6-8. III. Divers particular matters, with a hint and caution, about Alexander the coppersmith, 2Ti. 4:9-15. IV. He informs him of what befel him at his first answer; though men forsook him, the Lord stood by him, and this encouraged him to hope for future deliverance (2Ti. 4:16-18) And then he concludes with salutations and a benediction, 2Ti. 4:19, to the end.