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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 23
Chapter 23

Six years bloody Athaliah had tyrannised; in this chapter we have her deposed and slain, and Joash, the rightful heir, enthroned. We had the story before nearly as it is here related, 2 Kgs. 11:4-21 I. Jehoiada prepared the people for the king, acquainted them with his design, armed them, and appointed them their posts, 2 Chron. 23:1-10. II. He produced the king to the people, crowned him, and anointed him, 2 Chron. 23:11. III. He slew the usurper, 2 Chron. 23:12-15. IV. He reformed the kingdom, re-established religion, and restored the civil government, 2 Chron. 23:16-21.