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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 31
Chapter 31

In the foregoing chapter we had David conquering, yea, more than a conqueror. In this chapter we have Saul conquered and worse than a captive. Providence ordered it that both these things should be doing just at the same time. The very same day; perhaps, that David was triumphing over the Amalekites, were the Philistines triumphing over Saul. One is set over against the other, that men may see what comes of trusting in God and what comes of forsaking him. We left Saul ready to engage the Philistines, with a shaking hand and an aching heart, having had his doom read him from hell, which he would not regard when it was read him from heaven. Let us now see what becomes of him. Here is, I. His army routed, 1 Sam. 31:1. II. His three sons slain, 1 Sam. 31:2. III. Himself wounded (1 Sam. 31:3), and slain by his own hand, 1 Sam. 31:4. The death of his armour-bearer (1 Sam. 31:5) and all his men, 1 Sam. 31:6. IV. His country possessed by the Philistines, 1 Sam. 31:7. His camp plundered, and his dead body deserted, 1 Sam. 31:8. His fall triumphed in, 1 Sam. 31:9. His body publicly exposed (1 Sam. 31:10) and with difficulty rescued by the men of Jabesh-Gilead, 1 Sam. 31:11-13. Thus fell the man that was rejected of God.