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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 2
Chapter 2

In this chapter we have, I. Hannah’s song of thanksgiving to God for his favour to her in giving her Samuel, 1 Sam. 2:1-10. II. Their return to their family, with Eli’s blessing, 1 Sam. 2:11, 20. The increase of their family, 1 Sam. 2:21. Samuel’s growth and improvement (1 Sam. 2:11, 18, 21, 26), and the care Hannah took to clothe him, 1 Sam. 2:19. III. The great wickedness of Eli’s sons, 1 Sam. 2:12-17, 22. IV. The over-mild reproof that Eli gave them for it, 1 Sam. 2:23-25. V. The justly dreadful message God sent him by a prophet, threatening the ruin of his family for the wickedness of his sons, 1 Sam. 2:27-36.