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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 18
Chapter 18

David’s piety and his prayer we had an account of in the foregoing chapter; here follows immediately that which one might reasonably expect, an account of his prosperity; for those that seek first the kingdom of God and the righteousness thereof, as David did, shall have other things added to them as far as God sees good for them. Here is, I. His prosperity abroad. He conquered the Philistines (1 Chron. 18:1), the Moabites (1 Chron. 18:2), the king of Zobah (1 Chron. 18:3, 4), the Syrians (1 Chron. 18:5-8), made the king of Hamath his tributary (1 Chron. 18:9-11), and the Edomites, 1 Chron. 18:12, 13. II. His prosperity at home. His court and kingdom flourished, 1 Chron. 18:14-17. All this we had an account of before, 2 Sam. 8:1-18