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The IVP New Testament Commentary Series – The Questions of a Man of God (11:1-6)
The Questions of a Man of God (11:1-6)

Many scholars believe that the material in verses 1-15 has a good claim to historical reliability (see Davies and Allison 1991:244; Witherington 1990:42-43, 165; E. Sanders 1993:94). After Matthew rehearses for his own missionary church Jesus' instructions to his first disciples, he moves almost directly to Jesus' own ministry in the cities where disciples had prepared the way (v. 1).

John must contact Jesus through messengers because John is in Herod's prison, soon to face execution for his bold proclamation (14:3-12). Disciples of the kingdom who prepare Jesus' way in power (11:1) need to remember the first one to prepare the way for Jesus (11:10); those who receive Jesus' power (10:7-8) must also bear his cross (10:17-39).

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