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Encyclopedia of The Bible – Ziklag

ZIKLAG zĭk’ lăg (צִקְלָ֖ג, 2 Sam 1:1; 1 Chron 12:1, 20. LXX Σεκελάκ or Σεκελάγ). A town originally assigned to Simeon (Josh 19:5; 1 Chron 4:30), but eventually it was listed between Hormah and Madmannah among twenty-nine towns in the Negeb area of Judah toward the boundary of Edom (Josh 15:31). In Saul’s time it was under the Philistines (1 Sam 27:6). King Achish of Gath gave it to David when he was pursued by Saul (1 Sam 27:6ff.; 1 Chron 12:1, 20). David used Ziklag as a base for raids against various groups (1 Sam 27:8-11). At the time of the last Philistine attack on Saul, David was sent back to Ziklag because the Philistine princes feared he might betray them. On returning to Ziklag David found that it had been raided by the Amalekites on whom David took quick vengeance. He recovered his wives and children as well as those of his men and the men of Ziklag. The booty was divided with the people in the Negeb area who had assisted him during his campaigns (1 Sam 30:1-3; 1 Chron 12:1-20).

It was to Ziklag that a messenger came to announce Saul’s death at the battle of Mount Gilboa (2 Sam 1:1; 4:10). When David finally became king he included the area of Ziklag in his kingdom. Later still Ziklag was one of the places occupied by the Jews after the Exile (Neh 11:28).

Ziklag is prob. represented today by Tell el-Khuweilfeh about five m. S-SW of Tell Beit Mirsim (Debir).

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