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EL-ELYON ĕl’ ĕl yōn’ (אֵ֥ל עֶלְיֹֽון, Most High God). A name of God used in a number of OT books but esp. in Genesis and the Psalms.

When Abraham paid tithes to Melchizedek (Gen 14:17-22) this is the name by which the priest worshiped God (cf. Heb 7:1ff.). This priest, “resembling the Son of God,” said to Abraham,

“Blessed be Abram by God Most High,
maker of heaven and earth;
And blessed be God Most High,
who has delivered your enemies into your hand!”

The name occurs exactly in this form again in Psalm 78:35 but there are Psalms with variations of the name. For example, Psalms 7:17 and 47:2 say the Lord (Yahweh) Most High, while Psalms 57:2 and 78:56 use God (Elohim) Most High. Frequently, Elyon (the Highest) is used by itself as a name for God (Num 24:16; Deut 32:8; 2 Sam 22:14; Pss 9:2; 18:13; 21:7; 46:4; 50:14; 73:11; 83:18; 87:5; 91:1, 9; 92:1; 107:11; Isa 14:14; Lam 3:35, 38). The sons of Elyon (Ps 82:6) are either rulers of this earth (cf. Gen 6:2) or they are the angel-princes of the heavenly sphere.