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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 9611 hope, nature of
9611 hope, nature of

9611 hope, nature of

Hope, in its general sense, is the anticipation of a future outcome. It is a subjective expectation which may be either firmly based or misdirected.

Hope that an event will take place

1Co 9:10; 1Ti 3:14 See also Est 9:1; Lk 6:34; Ac 24:26 Felix hoped Paul would offer him a bribe; Ro 15:24 Paul hoped to visit Rome on his way to Spain; 1Co 9:15; 1Co 16:7; 2Co 1:13-14; 2Co 5:11; 2Co 11:1 Paul hopes to send Timothy to the Philippians: Php 2:19,23
Phm 22; 2Jn 12; 3Jn 14

Hope for a positive outcome

Ecc 9:4 See also Ru 1:12; 2Ki 4:28; Pr 19:18; Ro 11:14

Misplaced or vain hope

Ps 33:17; Jer 23:16 See also Job 8:13-14; Job 11:20; Pr 26:12; Pr 29:20; Jer 50:7; 1Ti 6:17

Hope removed or not satisfied

Job 30:26; Jer 8:15 See also Job 6:19-20; Job 14:7-12; Job 19:10; Job 27:8; Isa 38:18; Jer 13:16; Jer 14:19; La 3:18; Eze 37:11; Zec 9:5; Lk 24:21 The two disciples share their hopes with Jesus Christ on the Emmaus road; 1Th 4:13

The malicious hope of the wicked

Pr 10:28 See also Pr 11:7,23; Pr 24:19-20; Lk 20:20; Lk 23:8; Ac 16:19

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