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9512 hell, as an experience

9512 hell, as an experience

The state of final separation from God, and so from all light, love, peace, pleasure and fulfilment.

Hell is separation from God

2Th 1:8-10 See also Mt 7:23; Mt 8:12; Mt 25:32; Rev 21:8

The final state of the wicked is one of eternal punishment

Mt 25:41-46 “eternal punishment” means the punishment that is part of, and belongs to, the final order of things that follows this present age. This is usually, though not invariably, understood as an unending process of punishment consciously experienced by the wicked. See also Jude 7

Biblical expressions for final punishment

God’s wrath Jn 3:36 See also Dt 32:22; Zep 1:18; Mt 3:7; Ro 2:5; 1Th 1:10; Rev 19:15-16

Torment Lk 16:23-24 See also Mt 8:29; Rev 14:11; Rev 20:10

Corruption Ps 55:23; 2Pe 1:4

Destruction Gal 6:8 See also Dt 7:10; Ps 88:11; Jn 17:12; Ro 9:22; Php 3:18-19; 2Th 2:3; Rev 17:8

Unquenchable fire Jude 7 See also Isa 66:24; Mt 3:12; Mt 18:8-9; Heb 10:27; Rev 19:20

Intense darkness, emphasising utter isolation Jude 13 See also Mt 22:13; 2Pe 2:17; Jude 6

Death Jn 8:21 See also Job 28:22; Pr 15:11; Isa 28:15; Hos 13:14; Ro 6:23; 1Co 15:26,54-55

The second death Rev 20:14-15 See also Rev 20:6; Rev 21:8

The finality of hell

Lk 16:26 See also Heb 6:4-6; Heb 10:26-27; Rev 16:11

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