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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 9414 heaven, as community of the redeemed
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9414 heaven, as community of the redeemed

9414 heaven, as community of the redeemed

The community of the redeemed in heaven will represent all peoples and languages. They will owe this solely to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. They will share in the divine life in perfect fellowship with God, free for ever from suffering and death.

Heaven as a divine gift

Ro 6:23 See also Lk 12:32; Lk 22:28-30; Jn 17:2

Divine preparations made for believers in heaven

Jn 14:2 See also 2Co 5:1; Heb 11:16

The redeemed in heaven come from all peoples

Rev 7:9-10 See also Isa 59:19; Mal 1:11; Mt 8:11 pp Lk 13:29; Rev 5:9

The redeemed owe their place in heaven solely to Jesus Christ

Rev 7:14 Washing one’s robes in the blood of the Lamb symbolises cleansing through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. See also 1Pe 1:18-19; Rev 22:14

The redeemed are identified with Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ acknowledges the redeemed as his own Lk 12:8 See also Mt 7:21-23

Believers possess the family likeness to Jesus Christ 1Co 15:49 See also 2Co 3:18; Php 3:21; 1Jn 3:2

Believers share divine life 2Pe 1:4 See also Rev 2:7; Rev 3:21

Believers on earth at the second coming will be taken up to heaven

Rev 11:12 See also Jn 11:26; 1Th 4:16-17 Believers living on earth when Jesus Christ returns will not experience death, but be taken straight to heaven.

Conditions in heaven for the redeemed

Perpetual and perfect fellowship with the Lord Rev 21:3 See also Ps 17:15; Mt 5:8; Jn 14:3; 1Th 4:17; Rev 22:4

Joy in the immediate presence of God Ps 16:11 See also Isa 51:11; Mt 25:21; Lk 15:7,10; Jn 15:11; 1Th 2:19-20; Heb 12:2,22; Jude 24

Restfulness 2Th 1:5-7 See also Heb 4:3,9; Rev 14:13

There will no longer be any need for the marriage relationship Mt 22:30 pp Mk 12:25 pp Lk 20:35-36

Heaven is filled with the light of God’s glory Rev 21:23 See also Da 12:3; Mt 13:43; 2Co 4:17; 1Pe 2:9

Believers will share Jesus Christ’s glory Col 3:4 See also Jn 17:24; 1Th 2:12; 1Pe 5:4,10

Divine glory will banish the memory of earthly troubles Ro 8:18 See also 2Co 4:17; 1Pe 5:1

There will be no more death or suffering in heaven Rev 21:4 See also Isa 25:8; Isa 35:10; Isa 51:11; Lk 20:35-36; Rev 7:17

Believers are citizens of the heavenly Jerusalem

Php 3:20 See also Ps 87:5; Isa 35:9-10; Isa 51:11; Gal 4:26; Heb 11:16; Rev 21:2

Their names are enrolled as citizens of heaven Lk 10:20 See also Php 4:3; Heb 12:23; Rev 3:5; Rev 13:8; Rev 14:1; Rev 17:8; Rev 20:12; Rev 21:27

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