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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 9230 judgment seat
9230 judgment seat

9230 judgment seat

The platform or throne from which kings and officials administer justice. God presently exercises judgment from his heavenly throne, symbolised in the OT by the ark of the covenant, and will one day bring all peoples before his judgment seat to give account of their lives and to receive their due reward.

Examples of earthly seats of judgment

Pr 20:8; Jn 19:13 pp Mt 27:19 See also Ex 18:13-14; 1Ki 7:7; Ps 122:5; Pr 31:23; Ac 12:21; Ac 23:3; Ac 25:23; Jas 2:6

God’s judgment seat

God judges from his throne Ps 9:4-5 See also Ps 9:7-8; Ps 11:4-7; Ps 45:6; Ps 97:2

The ark as a symbol of God’s throne 2Sa 6:2 pp 1Ch 13:6 See also Ex 25:22; 1Sa 4:4; 2Ki 19:15 pp Isa 37:16; Ps 80:1; Ps 99:1

God’s future judgment 2Co 5:10 God’s future judgment is exercised through Jesus Christ; Rev 20:11-13 See also Da 7:9-10; Joel 3:12; Mt 25:31-32; Ro 14:10

Believers will share Jesus Christ’s judgment throne Mt 19:28 See also Lk 22:30; Rev 20:4

See also

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