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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 9220 day of the Lord
9220 day of the Lord

9220 day of the Lord

The occasion of God’s final intervention in human affairs to punish sin, restore the faithful of his people and establish his rule over the nations. It is linked with the Messianic hope and will be fulfilled at Jesus Christ’s return. This future consummation is anticipated in historical acts of judgment and, although its time is unknown, it will be heralded and accompanied by signs and by great upheavals in nature.

The day of the Lord as a day of judgment

Of universal judgment Isa 24:21-22 See also Zep 1:14-18

Of judgment on the nations Isa 13:9-11; Jer 46:10 See also Job 20:28-29; Isa 13:4-6 God’s judgment on Babylon God’s judgment on Egypt: Isa 19:16-17; Eze 30:3-4
Isa 27:1; Joel 3:12-14; Ob 15 God’s judgment on Edom; Zep 3:8; Ro 2:16; Rev 6:15-17

Of judgment on faithless Israel Am 5:18-20 See also Isa 2:12; Joel 1:15; Joel 2:1-2; Mt 7:22-23; Jn 12:48; Ro 2:5

The day of the Lord as a day of hope

A day of restoration for God’s people Jer 30:7-8 See also Joel 2:23-28

God will gather his people Isa 11:11; Isa 27:12-13; Mic 4:6-7; Mt 24:30-31 pp Mk 13:26-27

God will save his people Zep 3:14-20 See also Isa 4:5-6; Isa 26:1; Joel 2:32; Joel 3:16-18; Ob 17; Zec 9:16-17

God will purify his people Isa 4:3-4; Zep 3:11-13; Zec 14:20-21; Mal 4:1-2

God will exalt his people Ob 21; Mic 4:8; Mic 5:8-9; Rev 22:5

God will complete his saving work Php 1:6 The “day of Christ Jesus” is the NT equivalent to the “day of the Lord” which refers to Jesus Christ’s second coming. See also Da 12:1-2; Jn 6:40; Jn 11:24; 1Co 1:8; 2Ti 1:12; 2Ti 4:8

The siege and deliverance of Jerusalem on the day of the Lord

Nations will gather against Jerusalem Eze 38:14-16; Zec 14:2; Lk 21:20; Rev 20:8-9

The Lord will fight for Jerusalem Eze 38:18-23; Zec 12:2-5; Zec 14:3-5,12-13

The establishment of God’s kingdom on the day of the Lord

God’s kingdom will be universal and everlasting Zec 14:9 See also Da 2:44; Da 7:13-14; Rev 11:15

God will be the object of universal worship Isa 19:19-24; Zep 3:9-10; Zec 14:16

God’s rule will be centred on a restored Jerusalem Isa 2:2-4 pp Mic 4:1-3; Zec 2:10-12; Rev 22:3

The fulfilment of Messianic hope on the day of the Lord

Isa 4:2 See also Isa 11:10; Jer 30:9; Hos 3:5; Am 9:11; Zec 9:9; Zec 12:10

Being prepared for the day of the Lord

The day will come unexpectedly 1Th 5:2-3 See also Mt 24:43-44 pp Lk 12:39-40; Mk 13:32; 2Pe 3:10

The need to be ready for the day 1Th 5:4-8 See also Eze 13:5; Zep 2:1-3; Mal 4:5; 2Pe 3:11-12

Signs heralding the day may be discerned Mt 24:33 pp Mk 13:29 pp Lk 21:31; 2Th 2:3

The day of the Lord will be accompanied by signs and great upheavals in nature

Ac 2:19-20 See also Joel 2:30-31; Isa 13:9-10; Joel 2:10; Lk 21:11,25-26

Historical events anticipate the day of the Lord

Disaster foreshadows final judgment Isa 5:29-30 Judah invaded by Assyria; Eze 30:10 Egypt defeated by Nebuchadnezzar; Joel 2:2-4 Israel devastated by a locust swarm; Am 5:27 Israel defeated and exiled by Assyria; Mt 24:21 pp Mk 13:19 Jerusalem destroyed by the Romans

Return from exile foreshadows final restoration Isa 11:12-14; Hag 2:23; Zec 3:8

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