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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 9165 restoration
9165 restoration

9165 restoration

The returning of something or someone to their original state. Through the redeeming work of Jesus Christ, both humanity and creation will eventually be restored.

Restoration of human beings through the ministry of Jesus Christ

Restoration of health Lk 4:38-39; Lk 8:43-44; Lk 14:2-4

Restoration of life Lk 7:11-15; Jn 11:1-44

Restoration of sight Mk 8:22-25; Jn 9:1-7

Restoration of hearing Mk 7:32-35

The restoration of creation

Ac 3:21 See also Isa 11:6-9; Isa 41:17-20; Isa 55:10-13; Rev 21:1-4; Rev 22:1-5

The restoration of Israel

Ps 14:7 See also Ps 69:35-36; Isa 41:13; Isa 51:1-6; Jer 30:18-22; Eze 36:8-12; Am 9:13-15; Ro 11:25-27

Restoration in everyday life

The restoration of status Ge 40:13; Job 8:6

The restoration of fortunes Dt 30:3; Eze 16:53

The restoration of buildings 2Ch 24:4; Ezr 5:9

The restoration of authority 2Sa 8:3

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