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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 9136 immortality, in OT
9136 immortality, in OT

9136 immortality, in OT

The OT stresses that God alone is immortal and indicates that this gift may be granted to human beings under certain conditions.

Immortality is an attribute of God

God is everlasting in himself Ps 90:2 See also Ne 9:5; Ps 41:13; Isa 9:6; Isa 40:28; Hab 1:12

God is everlasting in his character and actions Dt 33:27 The way in which Scripture emphasises the character of God in these contexts shows that immortality is about a quality of being as well as about infinite duration. The everlasting covenant: Ge 9:16; Ge 17:7,13,19; 1Ch 16:17 pp Ps 105:10 God’s everlasting rule: Ps 9:7; Ps 10:16; Ps 132:12; Da 7:14,27 God’s unfailing and everlasting love: Ps 52:8; Ps 103:17; Isa 54:10; Jer 31:3 God’s everlasting righteousness: Ps 119:142; Da 9:24
Isa 45:17 God’s everlasting salvation; Isa 54:8 God’s everlasting kindness; Isa 60:19-20 the Lord as the everlasting light

Immortality is conditionally offered to human beings

Ge 3:22-23 See also Ps 6:5; Ps 88:5,10; Ps 115:17; Da 12:2 The most specific OT reference to immortality. Note that while resurrection to judgment is for all, immortality is only for the righteous (Pr 12:28).

Enoch and Elijah: two special cases Ge 5:24; 2Ki 2:11

The confidence of believers

Ps 16:9-11 See also Ps 17:15; Ps 21:6; Ps 73:24; Ps 133:3

God will abolish death Isa 25:8

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