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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 9125 footstool
9125 footstool

9125 footstool

Used mostly symbolically to refer to God’s supreme authority over his creation. It is used especially to refer to his final victory over all those who oppose him.

The footstool as a rest for the feet

2Ch 9:18; Jas 2:3

The footstool used symbolically

God’s footstool as a symbol for the ark and the temple Ps 132:7 See also 1Ch 28:2; Ps 99:5; La 2:1

God’s footstool as a symbol for the earth Isa 66:1 God cannot be confined to any man-made temple. See also Mt 5:35; Ac 7:49

Defeated enemies can be regarded as a footstool Jos 10:24-25; 1Ki 5:3; Ps 66:12; Isa 51:23; Mic 7:10

Jesus Christ will make all God’s enemies his footstool Heb 1:13 This passage affirms Jesus Christ’s supremacy over the angels. See also Ps 110:1; Mt 22:44 pp Mk 12:36 pp Lk 20:43; Ac 2:34-35; Eph 1:22

Jesus Christ will complete his victory when he returns Heb 10:13 See also 1Co 15:25; Heb 2:8; Ps 8:6

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