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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 9122 eternity, and God
9122 eternity, and God

9122 eternity, and God

Whether one considers the past or the future, God alone is discovered to be permanent and lasting.

God’s being, his wisdom and his word are eternal

God has always existed Ge 1:1 See also Job 38:4; Ps 90:2; Hab 1:12; Jn 1:1-2

The eternity of God’s wisdom Pr 8:22-23 See also Heb 9:14; 1Pe 1:20

God’s word has always expressed his nature Ps 119:89 See also Ps 119:160; Mt 24:35; 1Pe 1:23-25; Isa 40:8

God’s purpose to bless is eternal

2Ti 1:9-10 See also Eph 1:3-11; Tit 1:2-3; 1Pe 1:18-21; Rev 13:8

Some aspects of the created order are eternal

Mic 6:2 See also Ge 49:26; Dt 33:15; Hab 3:6

Eternal life

God bestows eternal life 1Jn 5:11 See also Jn 3:16; Jn 17:3

Resurrection of the body 1Co 15:42-44 See also 1Co 15:50-56; 2Co 5:1-5; 1Pe 1:23

God’s eternal blessings

His eternal salvation Isa 45:17; Heb 5:9

His eternal covenant Isa 54:10; Jer 32:40; Heb 13:20

His eternal glory 2Co 4:17-18 See also 2Ti 2:10; 1Pe 5:10

An eternal crown 1Co 9:25; 1Pe 5:4; Rev 2:10

An eternal inheritance Heb 9:15; 1Pe 1:3-5

An eternal home Lk 16:9; Jn 14:2-3

The eternal kingdom of God

God’s eternal rule 1Ti 1:17 See also Ps 10:16; Jer 10:10; Rev 15:3

The Messiah’s eternal kingdom Isa 9:6-7; Lk 1:32-33

Jesus Christ’s eternal kingdom 2Pe 1:11 See also Rev 11:15

Eternal punishment

Mt 25:46 See also Da 12:2; Mt 25:41; Jude 6-7,13; Rev 14:11

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