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9110 after-life

9110 after-life

Although the OT generally portrays this as a vague and shadowy existence, often associated with judgment, there are hints of the idea of resurrection to a fuller life which are developed in the NT. The NT points to judgment beyond death and to the believers’hope in resurrection, to a more complete enjoyment of God’s presence and his blessings and to the promise of a new heaven and earth.

The after-life in the OT

The grave as a place of silence Ps 115:17 See also Ps 6:5; Ps 30:9; Ps 88:10-11; Isa 38:18

The grave as a place of darkness Job 10:21-22 See also 1Sa 2:9; Ps 88:12

The grave as a place of no return Job 7:8-10 See also Job 16:22; Ps 146:4; Pr 2:18-19; Ecc 12:7

The grave as a place of judgment Ps 88:5 See also Ps 31:17; Pr 9:18; Isa 14:9-11; Isa 26:14; Eze 31:14; Eze 32:17-32

The grave offers peace to the righteous Job 3:13; Ecc 4:2; Isa 57:1-2

The hope of resurrection Da 12:2 See also Job 19:26; Ps 16:10-11; Ps 49:15; Ps 73:24; Isa 25:7-8; Isa 26:19

The after-life and God’s judgment

Judgment beyond death is certain Heb 9:27 See also 2Co 5:10; Rev 20:12-13

There will be salvation for believers Mt 25:19-23; Heb 9:28; Rev 11:18

There will be separation from God for unbelievers Rev 20:15; Rev 21:27 See also Mt 8:12; Mt 13:42; Mt 22:13; Mt 24:51; Mt 25:30; Lk 12:46; Rev 22:15

The believing dead are already with Jesus Christ

Lk 23:43; 1Th 4:14-17 Believers, with Jesus Christ in spirit, await their final resurrection which will take place when he returns. See also Jn 12:26; Jn 14:3; 2Co 5:8; Php 1:23; Heb 12:23; Rev 6:9-11

The after-life and believers’hope of resurrection

The bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ Lk 24:39-43 See also Jn 20:20,26-27; Ac 1:3; 1Jn 1:1

Believers share in Christ’s resurrection Ro 8:11 See also 1Co 6:14; 1Co 15:20-23; 2Co 4:14

The resurrection body of believers Php 3:20-21 See also 1Co 15:23,42-55; 2Co 5:1-4

The future consummation of the believers’enjoyment of God

Future glory Ro 8:18-19 See also 2Co 4:17-18; 1Jn 3:2

A new heaven and earth 2Pe 3:13; Rev 21:1

God’s presence with his people Rev 21:2-7 The final consummation will bring God’s promises to and purposes for his people to fulfilment; Rev 22:14 See also Ex 25:8; Rev 22:1-5

The Holy Spirit as a guarantee 2Co 1:22; 2Co 5:5; Eph 1:13-14

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