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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8846 ungodliness
8846 ungodliness

8846 ungodliness

The state of believing in God, while adopting a lifestyle which seems to deny this. Believers are warned to guard against ungodliness.

Expressions of ungodliness

A defiant spirit towards God Mt 7:6 Jesus Christ is teaching his disciples not to share the riches of spiritual truth with persons who are persistently unappreciative, vicious and defiant. See also Job 36:8-13; Ps 73:8-11

Mocking God and/or his people 2Pe 3:3-4 See also Ps 35:15-16; Ac 13:40-41; Hab 1:5

Evil behaviour Isa 32:6-7 See also Pr 11:9; Jnh 1:1-2; 1Ti 1:9-11

Examples of ungodliness

2Ch 36:15-16 the southern kingdom of Judah; Ps 52:1-3 Doeg the Edomite; Isa 9:13-17 the northern kingdom of Israel Judah’s religious leaders: Jer 23:11-12,15-17 Christians before conversion: 1Co 6:9-11; Eph 2:1-3
2Ti 3:1-5 people in general during the last days (the time between the first and second comings of Jesus Christ); Heb 12:16 Esau

God will judge the ungodly

In this life Pr 11:31 See also Pr 1:28-33; Pr 3:33-34; Isa 10:5-7; Isa 33:14; Ro 1:18

At the final judgment 2Pe 3:7 See also Job 27:8; Pr 3:34; 1Pe 4:18; 2Pe 2:4-10; Jude 14-15

Jesus Christ died for the ungodly

Ro 5:6-8; Ro 11:26; Isa 59:20

God’s people must guard against ungodliness

By relying upon God’s grace Tit 2:11-12

By putting no confidence in ungodly people 1Co 6:1 See also Ps 1:1; Jude 3-4,17-19

By avoiding ungodly teaching and behaviour 2Ti 2:16 See also 1Ti 4:7; 1Ti 6:20-21

See also

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6166flesh, sinful nature
8744faithlessness as disobedience
8812riches, ungodly use
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