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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8844 unforgiveness
8844 unforgiveness

8844 unforgiveness

God remains unforgiving to those described as unrepentant, who blaspheme against the Holy Spirit and who are themselves unforgiving. Being unforgiving and demonstrating true love are mutually exclusive.

The unforgiveness of God

Towards the unrepentant Dt 29:18-21 See also Ex 23:21; Ex 34:7; Nu 14:18; Jos 24:19; 2Ki 24:4; Isa 30:12-14; Jer 5:7; La 3:42; Hos 1:6; Lk 18:10-14; Heb 10:28-31

Towards those whose hearts are hardened Jos 11:20; Mt 13:13-15 pp Mk 4:11-12 pp Lk 8:9-10; Isa 6:9-10; Jn 9:39-41; Jn 20:23

Towards those who blaspheme against the Holy Spirit Mt 12:31-32 pp Mk 3:28-29 pp Lk 12:10 Blasphemy against the Spirit probably involves attributing the authenticating miracles of Jesus Christ to the work of Satan rather than to the power of the Holy Spirit. See also 1Jn 5:16

Towards those who are not forgiving Mt 6:14-15; Jas 2:12-13 See also Mt 5:23-24; Mt 7:1-2 pp Lk 6:37-38; Mt 18:32-35; Mt 23:23; Mk 11:25-26 NIV footnote at verse 26; Ro 14:9-13

God’s people call upon him not to forgive the wicked

Jer 18:23 See also Ne 4:5; Isa 2:9

True love is forgiving

Ro 5:8; 1Co 13:4-5 See also Ps 86:5; Ps 130:3-4; Da 9:9; Mic 7:18; Ac 13:38; Ro 15:7; 2Co 2:5-11; Eph 4:32; Col 3:13

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