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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8841 unfaithfulness, to people
8841 unfaithfulness, to people

8841 unfaithfulness, to people

A breach of the trust that is expected within specific relationships, and also a failure of mutual responsibility within a community life; the breaking of the last six of the Ten Commandments.

Unfaithfulness to one another breaks God’s commandments

Lev 19:18 See also Ex 20:12-17; Dt 5:16-21; Mt 22:39 pp Mk 12:31; Ro 1:29-31

Unfaithfulness to promises made

Nu 30:2 See also Nu 30:9; Jos 9:20; 1Sa 20:42

Unfaithfulness in business

Mt 25:24-26; Lk 16:3-12; Lk 19:8

Unfaithfulness to the marriage covenant

Mal 2:14-15

The seriousness of marital unfaithfulness Adultery in the OT punishable by death: Lev 20:10; Dt 22:22; Jn 8:3-5 Sexual unfaithfulness is given as a possible ground for divorce in the NT because it undermines the marriage bond: Mt 5:32; Mt 19:9

Examples of marital unfaithfulness Jdg 19:1-2 Hosea’s relationship with his faithless wife reflects God’s relationship with his idolatrous people: Hos 1:2-3; Hos 2:2,5

Unfaithfulness among family and friends

Mic 7:5-6

God’s people may face opposition from their families Jer 12:6 See also 2Sa 15:10; Mt 10:21 pp Mk 13:12 pp Lk 21:16

Unfaithful friends cause great sorrow Ps 55:12-14 See also Ps 41:9; Ps 55:20-21 Times of trouble may prove a friend unfaithful: Job 6:14-17; Ps 38:11; Pr 25:19

Unfaithfulness to Jesus Christ during his earthly ministry

Jesus Christ deserted by his followers Jn 6:66; Jn 16:32 See also Mt 26:31 pp Mk 14:27; Zec 13:7; Mt 26:56 pp Mk 14:50

Jesus Christ betrayed by Judas Mt 26:47-50 pp Mk 14:43-46 pp Lk 22:47-48; Jn 18:2-5

Jesus Christ denied by Peter Mt 26:74 pp Mk 14:71-72 pp Lk 22:59-61; Jn 18:26-27

Unfaithfulness to God’s appointed leaders

The Israelites challenge their leaders Ex 16:3-8 See also 1Sa 8:7-8

Paul’s friends desert him 2Ti 1:15 See also 2Ti 4:9-11,16

Examples of treachery and betrayal

Jdg 16:18-19 Samson betrayed by Delilah; 2Sa 3:27 Joab murders Abner; 2Sa 4:5-6 Ish-Bosheth assassinated by Recab and Baanah; 2Sa 11:14-15 David has Uriah killed in battle; 2Sa 20:9-10 Amasa killed by Joab; 1Ki 21:8-10 Jezebel’s treachery towards Naboth

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